Monday, October 27, 2008

Getting Together with my Pinay friends...

Last week, i was thinking about inviting Ella and Gladys, my Filipina friend here in Grand Junction together with their hubby to have dinner with us. I told mike that i will going to make lumpia, pancit and chicken strips for our dinner. I have Fil-am couples visitors so its just right that i will going to cook Filipino food that time hehe :-) We went to Filipino store last Friday to get all the ingredients of my pancit and lumpia. I also buy 1 bag of jasmine rice. I like the smell of that rice and i am sure they would like it too. Im glad they came and our getting together went pretty well. I am not really good in cooking but i feel confident on what i cook last Saturday. My hubby said it taste good and they like my lumpia too. So it was nice, but too bad i forgot to take a picture. Well... maybe next time i can take picture with them and us together. :-)

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