Saturday, October 4, 2008

Looking for a Maternity Jeans

We went to the store this afternoon even the weather is not really good. It was raining hard and its really cloudy. We like to buy Dustin slippers so that he can use while he is inside the house, to keep his feet warm. I am having hard time looking for a jeans on my size. I am size 0-1 and i need to look for a petite size too. My belly starting to get big so i need a jeans that can easily stretch like a garter jeans or a motherhood jeans. I never find one, it takes me a long time to find my size. We been to JCPenny, Sears, Target, Store for Maternity and more. But you know what? all the sizes are way too big for me and some of them are way too long. We came across to the store where they have all my sizes and guess what? I found 2 slacks but not the one that i am looking for hehe :-) but i think this is okay for now, maybe i will try to look at the other store maybe they have a right size for me. Will see...

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