Friday, October 3, 2008


Today is not a good day because of the weather. Its kind a cloudy and foggy. It rains little bit but I am sure at the Mesa its raining a lot. So I am not sure if the weather tomorrow will still the same. If that happens? It means our trip going to Ouray Box Canyon will be postponed. I am looking forward for that trip. I look up the weather online and it said it will be cloudy and maybe it will rain tomorrow. Well, maybe we can have a trip next week. We just receive a call from our sister in our congregation and she said we are invited for a group picnic tomorrow afternoon at The Grand Mesa Canyon View Park. I am not sure where the location is but I know Mike knows that place. So instead of going to Ouray Box Canyon tomorrow then we will just stay here in the house and wait for our group picnic in the afternoon at 4:00pm

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