Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Princess is on heat!

Our female mastiff is on heat, so we need to make it sure that Thunder our male mastiff is away from her. We are not planning to breed them this year, we need to wait until next year to breed them. I keep them separated on day time and even at night time. Princess and Bandit (jackrussel terrier) stay in our kitchen at night then thunder and cocao stay in our bedroom. In day time Princess and Cocao (pitbull) are together and Bandit and Thunder stay on the Kennel outside. Everytime i let Princess and Cocao out, i always watch them coz maybe thunder will try to get out on the kennel again and he will might destroy the kennel hehe :-) i will only let them out for a couple minutes just to go pottie and poop and i will let them in and stay in the kitchen after while me and Dustin stay here in our bedroom and sometimes here in the computer room. :-)

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