Saturday, November 29, 2008

Second Quilt Project...

We just bought a new sewing machine at Walmart yesterday for only $139.00. That makes me busy for the day. I read the book on how to familiarize my new sewing machine and do a little bit of practice hehe. Im also starting my new quilt project this afternoon. I finished the first block and I will do another blocked tomorrow. Here is the picture of my new project! Not finished yet, I need to make 5 or more blocked that same as these.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Too early...

I heard Dustin early in the morning at 3:00am calling my name saying “mama fe, get something to eat”. Wow, its too early to woke up, I am still tired but i cant say no! It seems like he is really hungry and he wants pancake in the middle of the night. I was thinking maybe he has a bad dream or maybe just hungry. He also wants to watch TV on that time. So after he eat, I put him back to the bedroom and it takes a while before he go back to sleep. I woke up late at 9:00am because I dont have enough sleep. I keep waking up because his moving a lot. Hopefully his okay… im worried coz maybe he is sick again or something but im glad his okay and his eating okay this time. It’s a big relief for me, I don’t want to see him get sick again.

Ec Logo and Draft...

I just got the copy of my draft layout and entrecard logo from Designer Chic. So here it is! Thanks to Ivy for my blog make over. Job well done Ivy! Thanks again!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fabrics for my baby quilt...

Choosing the right fabrics for my new baby quilt project is kind a hard. I am not used to this kind of project but I want to learn really bad. It takes me long time to choose the right color of the fabric. I always choose the color blue and it seems like all the color I’ve seen is not really good. When I am with my husband, I cant easily choose the fabric I like. I need a professional to help me get the fabric that’s fit on my baby quilt project. I am not good on choosing colors neither choosing the right fabrics. I got few ¼ fabric with light and dark blue. Next time I need to choose different colors to make it look nicer hehe. Im excited to start my new quilt project. I am sure it will be fun! This baby quilt project I make, I will going to give this as a gift to one of our sister in our congregation. She’s 8 months pregnant and she’s due on January. So hopefully I can finished this project as soon as possible. Will see… I will keep you updated hehe.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My New Layout!

Another successful layout made by Ivy (Designer Chic). Thank you so much for this wonderful layout, same as my Blogging Journey blog, I am very pleased with the result. I think the price is really worth it to get a blog make over made by her. Wish I can create my own layout too! Hehe… Anyway, this is my new layout. Hope you all like it and keep visiting my blog!


This past few weeks, we all got sick. This weekend, we are just recovering from our sickness especially Dustin. So it means, we missed a lot of meetings and we never get out in the house this past few days too. Dustin and I stay here at the house but last Friday, we had a chance to go out and eat dinner outside. it’s a big relief for us you know especially to Dustin. His happy to get out even though his not feeling well. He is feeling well on that whole day but at night he has diarrhea again. So now, he has this itchy rashes on his thigh and butt. Hopefully he will feel better soon. We didn’t go out much this week, we’re just resting here in the house and get recovered from the illness we have for this past few days.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Terrible Week...

What a terrible week we have! You know why? because we all got sick this week. First, mike get sick last Friday, he went home with a stomachache, he throw up and keep coming back in the bathroom. Then on Sunday, i got a terrible allergy. I sneeze a lot and have an itchy sore throat. I cant call my doctor that time because their office was closed. Then on Monday, Dustin starting to throw up all night. I never get enough sleep, i keep waking up because of my little Dustin. I was worried about him, i know its hard for him to feel that way. Then Wednesday, he stop throwing up but he got another illness, he got a diarrhea. I think he got a virus or something. He got fever too but not so high. I take his temperature and he just have 101.6 F, the next day his fever go down but his appetite is really poor. He really dont want to eat and he only drink juice or water. We bought him a Comfort Pediatrics Electrolyte so that he wont get dehydrated for throwing up and diarrhea. Then yesterday, he got a rashes all over his butt and also to his nuts. I know it really hurts him a lot because he cried everytime i washed it. I give him an ointment for his rashes and i think his feel better now. Hopefully he will feel better for the rest of the day. It was really a terrible week for all of us :-(

Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank God!

Thank God that Mike’s feel better now, he already go back to work but still it makes me worried because I know he is still weak and tired. He didn’t eat anything yesterday except water and a little bit of rice. I want him to get rest more and make it sure that he feels better but he insist that he is okay now and he needs to go back to work. I called him this morning when I woke up and make it sure that he is okay. So anyway, im so glad he is okay now that makes me feel relief.

Feel the same...

I thought I will feel better this morning but it seems like it getting worst, my allergy is getting terrible. I sneeze more than yesterday. I think its time to call my nurse and ask her what kind of medication do I need to take that is safe for my pregnancy. Honestly, I don’t really like to take any medication because I don’t want to hurt my baby but I know that there are some medication that is safe even where you are pregnant. Will see what my nurse says.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Food Poisoning Treatment

I got this information online and i was thinking to post it here on my blog. It will help you to learn what treatment for food poisoning:

1. Do not eat solid food while nauseous or vomiting but drink plenty of fluids.
- small, frequent sips of clear liquids are the best way to stay hydrated.
- avoid alcoholic, caffeinated or sugary drinks.
- sports drinks such as gatorade and powerade are fine for adults if they are diluted with water because at full strength they contain too much sugar which can worsen diarrhea.

2. When nausea and vomiting have stopped. Eat should begin slowly. Plain foods that are easy on the stomach should be started in small smounts.

3. Consider eating rice, wheat, breads, potatoes, low-sugar cereals, lean meats and chicken (not fried) to start.

4. Milk can given safely but some people may experience additional stomach upset due to lactose intolerance.

5. If its get worst, please call your doctor right away.

I will try this to Mike and see how it works...

Food Poisoning...

Is it the cause of my husband stomach pain, diarrhea and throwing up is because of that chili burger he eat yesterday afternoon for his lunch? It seems like he got a food poisoning thats why he dont feel good until now. He never eat anything and it makes me worried because it really makes him feel weak. Maybe that chili burger is not fresh or maybe they give him the old one. I told him not to eat that kind of food anymore. Hope he will feel better soon. We are not feel good but im glad Dustin is not sick. I still have this crazy allergy that makes me sneeze and my throat is still itchy. We cant make it this afternoon for our Sunday meeting but hopefully tomorrow we will feel better already :-(

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Congrats my friend!

Im happy to hear that the ultrasound of my Pinay friend Glady's went well. They already find out that the baby has heartbeat. I know they are both happy now because they are really wanted to have a baby. I am happy for her too. Im thankful to Jehovah God that he hear our prayers. That baby is a gift for them from God and that baby is so precious. I bet they are excited about it and now her waiting for is come true! So Glad be careful always and congrats my friend!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My finish project...

Im glad i already finished my first quilting project. I already finish the hard part (the hand quilting design). It takes a while before you get done but im glad i found the pattern and design that i like. As you can see on this photo, the hand quilting design is not so clear. But if you really look to it, you will see the heart pattern on each side of the border and also i put the name of my baby girl (Dana Fe). :-) Next 2 weeks i am ready to start my second project. I choose the Best of All Quilt Block Pattern. So will see how it turns out hehe :-)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I just wondering, why at triple P i couldn't see my page rank. I look on my blogs dashboard at triple P and it said there, my 3 blogs have pagerank zero. I dont understand why. Well... maybe this pagerank not work for them. As you can see i have pagerank 2 here and at triple P i have pagerank 0. :-( hmm... hope they will give my page rank back because i really miss the tasked! Im hungry for more tasked!

Dustin is ready for Winter!

I noticed that since Dustin put his thick jacket on for winter? he always say "mama snow? "its cold!" hehe :-) Well, we dont have snow yet here in Grand Junction but i think next month we will. He cant wait for Winter. He always excited to put his jacket on and also we just bought him a new winter hat with methins. Look at this picture, you can see how happy he is with his new winter hat :-)

More active than my first pregnancy...

In my second pregnancy, i would say this baby is very active. She's moving a lot than Dustin does. Im on my 22 weeks now and i cant wait to see my little girl. I been praying all the time that we will going to have a baby girl and im glad Jehovah God hear my prayers. It makes me happy everytime she moves. Its a good feeling that there's a life on my belly that will coming out next year.

My next appointment will be this coming December 5. The doctor will also tell us what month and date they will schedule my C-section. Hopefully everything will be okay. I am very anxious, excited and happy for this coming next year! So will see hehe :-)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


This morning when Dustin woke up, it makes me worried a lot because he throw up. He went to the bathroom and throw up in the toilet. I know there's something wrong, i think he is sick. He throw up not only once but trice. It happens also before when he has a fever. I think he will going to have a fever too. I will give him medicine after he eat. If he throw up again? maybe i will call Kathy to let her know that maybe i cant make our book study this afternoon at their house. I need to watch Dustin because maybe he will throw up again this afternoon after he eat his lunch. So will see... hope he is okay, im kind a worried you know ;-)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Baby Quilt

I just finished my 3D Pinwheels baby quilt. It was exciting and fun to do this kind of hobby. I cant imagine how i really enjoy it especially using the sewing machine. Im started to learn how to use the sewing machine and im hoping that i can get one too soon. Actually this is not totally finished because we still need to find a quilting design so that we can sew it by hand. We already had schedule to do that and it will be this coming Thursday. Here is the picture of the front and back for my 3D Pinwheels Baby Quilt.

My Doctor Appointment

Yesterday is my prenatal schedule and Mike take a day off so that he can go with me to my doctor. If he works yesterday? i think he cant go with me that time because his boss might assign him to work at the Parachute. Im glad he take a day off. Well... in the morning at 10:00am i went to Kathy's house to finish our quilting project and Mike is the one who watch with Dustin while im away. I have my doctor appointment at 3:20 pm, so i still have time to finish my baby quilt. I came home at 2:00pm to get ready and have snack before we go.

My doctor check the heart beat of the baby and she says the baby was really active and the heart beat is normal. I gain 3 lbs this time from 92 lbs to 95 lbs. Hope i wont get fat hehe :-) My blood pressure is normal and i need to go back next month for my another check up. I think they will going to find out next month about the schedule for my C-Section. So will see.. :-)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Unfinished Baby Quilt

Here's the baby quilt that i am trying to make. I am just starting to learn how to quilt and sew and im glad Kathy was willing to teach me. She has all the things that we need to start like the fabric and all the tools for sewing and quilting. We just started last Friday and i really enjoyed it. We did a lot of work and i learned fast too. Actually this is my first time to sew and im not used to it to use brand new sewing machine. I cant believe how fun it is to sew, thats why i am starting to like it and i think this will be my favorite hobby hehe :-) Here's the picture of my unfinished baby quilt project :-)


Yesterday is Halloween and we know that most people make this holiday a big deal. Many kids in our neighbors are preparing for a trick or treat night. But us? we dont celebrate halloween why? well, we know that Halloween is a celebration of the evil. It seems like when you have all the scary decorations at your house, you are inviting the evil to come to your house. Well... that is only opinion. Hope no one will react about this hehe :-)

Yesterday, we turn off the lights in our front door and also in our living room. We dont want to let them know that were home that time, so that they wont knock the door and ask for a trick or treat. We're just stay in our bedroom and watch TV. We dont want to be involved on it, so i think the kids in our neighbor will understand because we dont have any decoration for halloween outside our front yard. :-)

Cloey and Dustin Photos

Here's the new photos of Dustin with the cutiest little girl Cloey. She's the daughter of one of our sister in our congregation. She came last Thursday for my book study with Kathy of course. Dustin really have a great time playing with Cloey. I am sure he will be a good big brother to his little sister. I cant wait to see our baby girl. Hope it will be as cute as Cloey hehe :-)