Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fabrics for my baby quilt...

Choosing the right fabrics for my new baby quilt project is kind a hard. I am not used to this kind of project but I want to learn really bad. It takes me long time to choose the right color of the fabric. I always choose the color blue and it seems like all the color I’ve seen is not really good. When I am with my husband, I cant easily choose the fabric I like. I need a professional to help me get the fabric that’s fit on my baby quilt project. I am not good on choosing colors neither choosing the right fabrics. I got few ¼ fabric with light and dark blue. Next time I need to choose different colors to make it look nicer hehe. Im excited to start my new quilt project. I am sure it will be fun! This baby quilt project I make, I will going to give this as a gift to one of our sister in our congregation. She’s 8 months pregnant and she’s due on January. So hopefully I can finished this project as soon as possible. Will see… I will keep you updated hehe.

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