Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yesterday is Halloween and we know that most people make this holiday a big deal. Many kids in our neighbors are preparing for a trick or treat night. But us? we dont celebrate halloween why? well, we know that Halloween is a celebration of the evil. It seems like when you have all the scary decorations at your house, you are inviting the evil to come to your house. Well... that is only opinion. Hope no one will react about this hehe :-)

Yesterday, we turn off the lights in our front door and also in our living room. We dont want to let them know that were home that time, so that they wont knock the door and ask for a trick or treat. We're just stay in our bedroom and watch TV. We dont want to be involved on it, so i think the kids in our neighbor will understand because we dont have any decoration for halloween outside our front yard. :-)

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