Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Doctor Appointment

Yesterday is my prenatal schedule and Mike take a day off so that he can go with me to my doctor. If he works yesterday? i think he cant go with me that time because his boss might assign him to work at the Parachute. Im glad he take a day off. Well... in the morning at 10:00am i went to Kathy's house to finish our quilting project and Mike is the one who watch with Dustin while im away. I have my doctor appointment at 3:20 pm, so i still have time to finish my baby quilt. I came home at 2:00pm to get ready and have snack before we go.

My doctor check the heart beat of the baby and she says the baby was really active and the heart beat is normal. I gain 3 lbs this time from 92 lbs to 95 lbs. Hope i wont get fat hehe :-) My blood pressure is normal and i need to go back next month for my another check up. I think they will going to find out next month about the schedule for my C-Section. So will see.. :-)

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