Friday, November 21, 2008

Terrible Week...

What a terrible week we have! You know why? because we all got sick this week. First, mike get sick last Friday, he went home with a stomachache, he throw up and keep coming back in the bathroom. Then on Sunday, i got a terrible allergy. I sneeze a lot and have an itchy sore throat. I cant call my doctor that time because their office was closed. Then on Monday, Dustin starting to throw up all night. I never get enough sleep, i keep waking up because of my little Dustin. I was worried about him, i know its hard for him to feel that way. Then Wednesday, he stop throwing up but he got another illness, he got a diarrhea. I think he got a virus or something. He got fever too but not so high. I take his temperature and he just have 101.6 F, the next day his fever go down but his appetite is really poor. He really dont want to eat and he only drink juice or water. We bought him a Comfort Pediatrics Electrolyte so that he wont get dehydrated for throwing up and diarrhea. Then yesterday, he got a rashes all over his butt and also to his nuts. I know it really hurts him a lot because he cried everytime i washed it. I give him an ointment for his rashes and i think his feel better now. Hopefully he will feel better for the rest of the day. It was really a terrible week for all of us :-(

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