Saturday, December 6, 2008

27 weeks pregnant - what to expect?

Well, i really dont know what to expect on my 27 weeks pregnancy. All i know is that the baby is more active than before. The baby was kicking me all over, his moving and kicking all the time especially at night. She wakes me up all the time. I research it online and i found some interesting information about what to expect on your 27 weeks of pregnancy. Here's what i found:

Your baby moves on to a whole new growth chart this week, while your swollen feet and ankles may need a growth chart of their own!
Puffy? That's to be expected — about 75 percent of soon-to-be moms experience edema (mild swelling of the hands, feet, and ankles) around this point in pregnancy. That's because fluids build up in your body tissues thanks (or no thanks) to increased blood flow and uterine pressure on the vena cava (the large vein that cycles blood from your lower limbs to your heart). So while you may have a hard time squeezing into shoes or getting your rings on (or off), keep in mind that the puff factor is completely normal and temporary. As for baby, it's time to trade in the old crown-to-rump measurement for a new head-to-toe standard (that's 15 inches this week — more than a foot long!). His weight is creeping up the charts as well, coming in at just over two pounds. More big news: Your baby may recognize your voice by now, so feel free to serenade your belly.

Well... for my first pregnancy at 27 weeks, i have a mild swolen on my feet. This time i dont have swolen feet yet but maybe in a few months i will. :-) Im kind a excited for my second pregnancy because we will going to have a baby girl!

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Justin said...

Wow, I just found this blog. Reading this got me excited as well!