Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dragon Coupon Code

Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code

Wow, I cant believe that there’s a software that can capture your speaking even in a distance through your computer. This is kind a interesting, it really caught my attention when I saw the video and its very amazing. I never heard this software before, its very new and I am sure many people would love to have this kind of software. Have you ever heard the New Dragon Naturally Speaking 10? This is a software where it can capture your voice without interrupting with other background noises because the New Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 only listens to your voice, even in a long distance.

My favorite video is that when the guy is writing his blog post and its really cool because with this New Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 it can help you write a post without typing. Just say it and then he will do the rest. Isn’t that amazing? I am one of the blogger too and I would love to try this kind of software and see how it works. I been blogging for more than a year and until now, It seems like my blogging efforts is not really works. Its time to improve my blogging! Since it is holiday, maybe I will share my top 10 Holiday Wish list on how to improve my blogging efforts. First I want to change the themes, try hard to improve my writing skills, my grammar, get more traffic, add interesting widgets, gadgets, get a new ec logo, maybe I need more training? Hmmm what else? Maybe I will going to try this cool software from the New Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.

Talking about this amazing New Dragon Naturally Speaking 10, if you are interested you can get

Visit their website for more information about this software and hopefully you will enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoy it. Thanks!

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