Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it snow!

Last year, we had snow early at the month of October or November. But this time of the year, today is the first day we had snow here in our Valley, Grand Junction. When we woke up this morning, we look at the window and there are a lot of snow in the ground. Its freezing cold and still breezy. Dustin cant wait to go outside and play the snow. But me? i dont like snow! its pretty to look at but its too cold for me to play outside. I let Dustin play a little while in our backyard, he always calling me and say "mommy come here, play snowball! snow is fun!". Well... its really obvious that he has having fun lolz :-) but even i have my gloves and thick jacket on, but im still freezing! I dont like to go out this afternoon but we need to go for our meeting. We need to get ready about an hour, so need to wear my thick jacket, boots and gloves! This will add weight on me :-( i already feel heavy for my pregnancy, much more heavier now if i wear those thick jacket and boots :-(

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