Thursday, December 4, 2008

Looking forward...

Im looking forward for my next prenatal appointment tomorrow at 2:20pm. My doctor will going to tell us my CS-delivery schedule. I cant wait to see my baby girl again, hopefully we can get a nice picture of her inside my womb. I will be 6 months and a half tomorrow i think hehe :-) few more months and we will going to see our lovely little girl. I am sure Dustin is so excited to see her baby sister. I just hope that Dustin wont get jealous when her baby sister arrived this coming next year. We will try our best to give him love and attention too while baby Dana is here. We are complete family now and i cant ask for anything more. I am so happy that Jehovah God hear my prayers and i am so lucky to have a loving husband and a sweet lovable son. We are planning for our next vacation too next year so that my mama can see her grand daughter (tisay) hehe :-) thats why starting from now, we are trying to save more money so that we have enough to spend for our next vacation next year.

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