Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pinay Wives: Agree or Not?

Thanks for this tag Weng! Sorry for the late post. Hope you had great day!
My hubby said i am his sexy wife. His filipina beautiful wife. He loved my flat nose (laugh). Are you planning on having a nose lifting as soon as you can afford it, to do so? Yes or No and why?
Well, my hubby always say that i am pretty and beautiful. Either i will agree or not, but the way he say it makes me feel very happy and contented of what i am. For me, the important is, we love each other and we accept each other. I dont need any nose lift or anything that will change my look, my hubby is happy and im contented of what God gave to me.
My hubby promised he will loved me even i will get bigger and fatter. Are you planning on having a surgery a laser maybe... like Lyposuction? Yes or No and why?
Yes, either he or i will get big or fat. We will still accept and love each other. Lyposuction cost too much and i dont have any plan on changing my body. Thats why i keep watching my diet and try not to eat junk! hehe :-)
My hubby said that i had a very nice and beautiful long black hair? Are you going to change it to brown or blond maybe? and why?
My hubby loves my hair, he loves to touch it. If ever i will color my hair? I will let him know first and he is the one who will choose what the color that best for me. As long not the red and blonde because it doesn't look good for me :-)
My hubby said that i can speak well already in their language. Is your husband ? Agree or not and why?
Nobody's perfect, sometimes my English is good and sometimes not. But i noticed that everyone i talked too especially my friends here they say my "English is Good". My husband and I have a little bit of problem on that matter. He says, sometimes he dont understand what im talking about, i need to talk slow and i need to listen also so that i can understand what his saying. But we're okay now. We try to work that out hehe :-)
I am passing this tag to all fil-am couples out there. If you are interested please grab this tag and happy blogging everyone!

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