Sunday, January 4, 2009

My little boy was sick...

Poor little Guy, he was sick again. Yesterday afternoon, I noticed that he is not feeling well because he look pale and tired. He even don’t want to play. He just laying down on the couch watching his favorite movie “Ice Age”. He also don’t want to eat, he just want to drink water. So I touch his head right away and I feel that he has a mild fever. We didn’t go to our service yesterday morning because I know Dustin wont be okay. In fact, the weather is not good, it was pretty cold yesterday. I think the medication help little bit to make him feel better. His temperature is 100.9 this morning, not so bad. But still we cant go meeting this morning at 10:00 because I don’t want other kids will get sick because of him. Hopefully he will feel better this afternoon. Will see.. I just need to give him medication every 4 hours.

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