Tuesday, January 27, 2009

So far I gain 20 lbs!

I think 20 lbs is not that bad, my doctor expect me to gain around 30 lbs but she say maybe 20 lbs is enough because if i gain 30 lbs or more, maybe i will have hard time walking because of my weight. At my 1st pregnancy, i never weight more than 100 lbs. My last visit last 2 weeks ago, i gain 4 lbs and today for my 35 weeks, I gain 3 1/2 lbs. From 101.4 it went up to 104.6 lbs. Hehe :-) not so bad! I am more heavier than before lolz :-)
No wonder I feel so heavy and sometimes I am having problem walking because all the pressure and weight goes to my thigh and to my legs. There was a time also that when I lay down in bed, I feel very uncomfortable, thats why i make it sure i have 2 pillows on each side. Hopefully I won't gain more! I dont want to look fat! :-) hehe....

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