Friday, February 13, 2009

Downloading Song...

My husband love music, he loves to sing me a song and everytime i heard him singing? it really melts my heart. Just like last night, he download a song from a group Maroon 5 title "I won't go home without you" and also Fergie new song title "Clumsy". We watch the music video at youtube together and while were watching and listening the music, he was singing also and dedicated the song to me. Makes me love him so much. He sing it with feelings and honestly? he has really a nice voice. He can imitate the voice of those singers hehe :-)
I remember the first time we met, he sing a song title "i dont want to lose you". I forgot the name of the singer. I can still remember those times and everytime he a song? i always love to hear it again and again hehe :-)

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