Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Natural ways to induce labor

Everyone wants to experience to become a parent, a mother and bare a child. Experience this motherhood thing. When I was a kid, I always want to be like my mother, I dream of having my own baby too and experience what my mother experienced when she have us. So becoming a parent is kind a interesting. My mom has 6 kids and being a mother of 6 was very tough especially when my father died. But she does everything just for us and that’s what I always want to do also to my kids.

When I get married and get pregnant, I would say this is the best moment I been waiting for. I will going to experience how to become a mother to my kids and a wife to my husband. My pregnancy went well but when we found out that our first baby was breech, it scared me a little bit because I am sure they will do a cesarean operation. This is my first time to have a surgery and it scared me. But Im glad everything went good. The baby was healthy and since we are planning to have another one after a year or two then I need to get ready for that. Dustin is already 3 years old and now I am waiting for my delivery this coming Thursday. I’m very anxious, mixed of emotions, happy, excited and nervous. But I will say I am ready for our second baby! We will going to have a baby girl and being her healthy is all that matters to me right now.

This afternoon is my pre-operative appointment and my doctor talked about this maternity acupressure, the natural ways to induce labor and inducing labor naturally. We talked a lot and my husband ask some few questions and after that I did my blood work done and we went home.

I have 2 days more to go before my delivery and since my husband just done playing his computer games online. I have a few minutes to search online about maternity acupressure. I’m kind a curious what this maternity acupressure means and this is what I found out. It said that maternity acupressure for labor is one of the best ways to naturally induce labor in a safe and effective way! Acupressure techniques helps you to induce labor naturally and have an easier and shorter labor. It also helps you to avoid medical labor induction and brings on your labor naturally. This method does not over stimulate your body or distress your baby, because it just helps your body work better in an optimal way. Isn’t that interesting? I’m glad I found this information or else maybe I need to ask my doctor again.

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sweet_shelo said...

Excited to have your new baby. Congrats sis..