Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Daddy's Girl!

Mike always want to have a boy but since our first baby is a boy then I was thinking maybe we can make another one and hopefully it’s a girl. Then it happens, we have a healthy baby girl. What I’ve noticed is, mostly daddy give more attention to their little girl especially if that is their first girl in the family. Mike gave so much attention to our baby Dana and I love the way he show his love to our little angel. He also help me change baby’s diaper and at night he woke up easily especially when the baby's crying or make noises.

One of our friend, they have 3 boys and 1 girl and her husband don’t want to have a girl because he is contented to have 3 boys. But then when they have the little girl, it changed everything. The girl becomes daddy’s girl. She is the princess in their family and to us, Dana is our little princess. We love our kids and as a parents, we will give everything we can give to them the Love, attention and time. We try our best to give Dustin more time too so the he wont get jealous with his little sister. When they grow up, I am sure Dustin will be a good brother to his sister and they will take care to each other. As what I see right now, Dana already becomes daddy’s girl and Dustin is a mama’s boy!

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