Saturday, March 7, 2009

The First Week of Nursing

On the first week of nursing, I am having hard time because my incision still hurt and I couldn’t hardly walk. But I try my best to breastfeed my little girl every 2-3 hours. I already had 2 year experience on breastfeeding so I have an idea on how to breastfeed my second baby in a right way. At first, I thought I don’t have enough milk to give to my baby but my doctor said, I don’t need to worry about because I have enough to give to my baby. I just worried about the day I labor the baby because she lose 9% of her weight. My milk came out after 4-5 days so the second and 3rd day, we gave her formula to satisfied her. The doctor told me that I need to stop feeding her formula if my milk already came out and im glad everythings okay and her weight came back to her normal weight.

Well they said all newborns lose weight after birth. That’s why you need to expect that your baby will lose about 5 to 9 percent of his/her birth weight. He should begin gaining weight by the fifth day about an ounce a day.

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