Saturday, March 14, 2009

She's 2 weeks now!

Dana Fe, our little girl is 2 weeks old now. She go back to her normal weight and it seems like she gain a little bit more pounds. She is sometimes fussy at night especially if she got a wet and dirty diaper. She cried a lot if she is hungry. Its normal for all babies to have these. Sometimes we have a rough night because the baby keeps us awake. But eventhough we dont have enough sleep, we are happy to see our baby healthy. We are proud to be a parents and we try our best to give Dustin lots of love and attention so that he wont get jealous to her little sister.
This afternoon is Dana's baby shower and can't wait for that moment. Im still thinking what to wear later and guess what? i made a little baby clothes for my little girl! Here is the one i made for her! I sew this last night and it turns out good. Im glad i found a free pattern online or else i will try to do it for myself and try to figure it out hehe :-)

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