Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spitting up and Vomiting

I think spitting up small amount of breast milk is common and normal to all babies especially if they got enough milk from their mother. Most babies do this after almost every nursing and occasionally a baby may vomit what seems like an entire feeding. It happens to my little girl, she spit and vomit too. I think she cant keep up with my milk. I have enough milk for her and every time she’s done nursing, she burps and she go back to sleep after. There are times that when we put her on the swing and after a while she just spit and vomit. Then I need to nursed her because she’s hungry again. They said vomiting can also be a sign of infection and if the vomits continues, you need to notify your doctor right away especially if the baby vomits forcefully after most feedings and have a sign of fever.

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