Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wants more attention...

Since Dana was born, Dustin my 3 year old son wants to get more attention. He's not really jealous to Dana her baby sister but sometimes he get so hyper and he didn't know that he is already acting too much that makes me irritating. He always calling me and he wants to be near me but if i have Dana with me especially when i nursed her, he wants to get more attention. Its been a while since i didn't read him book every night but im glad daddy is the one who taking care of him especially at night when he needs to go potty, brush his teeth, helping dustin to put his jammies on and in the morning, Daddy is the one who prepare breakfast for him and brush his hair because he has this messy looking curly hair and its hard for me to handle it. I dont have any patience with curly hair hehe :-) When mike go back to work, i will make it sure that i will give them both attention, so that it would be fair for both of them.

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