Thursday, April 16, 2009

Best dog training video

We have 3 dogs in the house. Two mastiffs, male and female and one female Pit bull. I am not really into dogs because I never grow up with dogs in the house. But it changed everything when I get married and met this dog lover guy. At first I am shocked how big the dog is especially the mastiff, I don’t know how to handle them but my husband said they are good dogs. I just need to learn how to taking care of them on that way they will be submissive to me. I heard that dogs need to be trained to become obedient to their owner and that’s what we do but it didn’t work for me, until my friend recommend me this Best dog training video from Don Sullivan’s. Mike and I tried it and I think it works pretty good. It’s really a big changed! Our dogs like to sit beside me, they listened and they are so good with other people too. They know the basic training like sit and stay and they are very good also in walking with leash. So if you having problem with your dogs, no worry because at Don Sullivan’s, you can find the best dog training video that can help you on your dog training. Train your dogs now and make them become the way you want to!

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