Friday, April 3, 2009

Free Websites

Looking for a web hosting where you can create your website in Minutes? Look no further because at, they offer a one month free trial. You can start your own vista print website for free! How was that? One month is not that long but you can use that free trial for one month and start your free websites online! After one month, the payment will start as low as 6.99 per month. Not too bad isn’t it? I would like to try a one month free trial from vista print and see how it works. I maintained three web hosting site and two blogs and I might get a domain to my two other blogs.

My other blog title thoughts of life is supposed to expired this coming April 7th and I don’t know if I will continue that domain or not. But if I do, maybe I need to change a web hosting company. The one that offers a cheaper domain. But since I found this vista print, maybe I will give it a try. The things I like the most is that, it doesn’t need to be computer skilled to start and create your own free websites by vista print. You can start right away after you signed up. This is the right website to visit especially when it comes to business online. If you are planning to create an online store, I am sure vista print would be the right choice!
Why choose vista print? Well, they have the easiest design and print solution. Its very easy to access and I am sure anyone can create their free website online within minutes and you don’t need to be programmer to get started. Try it for your self and see how it works! Begin your free one month trial now and exposed your online business! Remember the customers are waiting for you online!


hubbers said...

Please don’t use Vistaprint or recommend it to your readers.

Using Vistaprint could very likely lead to you being signed up to FAKE discount clubs and hundreds of dollars benig taken from you Visa/bank without your knowledge or permission.

I have a huge blog post with all the details of all of the different scamming sites Vistaprint and Adaptive Affinity run and how best to get a refund.

If you don’t believe me check this blog and the scores of comments form people who have been ripped off!

Eli said...

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