Saturday, April 18, 2009

IP Geo Location Tool for every webmaster or blogger

I’m using the same search engine every time I get online and research products and things. Until the time when a friend of mine recommend me this website at is a high privacy web search engine that works much faster than other popular search engine. Their website is completely simple and it’s a friendly website. Easy to navigate and I think they have better web search. Did you know that have different utilities than any other search engine on the web? Well.. If you are planning to buy a product, you can get a cash-back on lowest online prices if you use Aafter site avail its cash back facility. Isn’t that amazing? Here is the other one. If you are looking for a quick answer to your homework or any real life questions. Aafter will provide links to wiki, yahoo, chacha, eHow, YouTube and a host of many other sites that provide answers to your questions in text. There are many other things that aafter can offer. This is really a great search engine to visit and also this is a great IP Geo Location Tool for every webmaster or blogger like me! So why not visit it and try as your new web search engine?

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nazar said...

Thanks for this tool.its very useful to me.I found the Geolocation of an ip address from the site From this article I know about tool for the webmaster or blogger.