Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mommy Moments - Silly Moments

mommy moments

Hi Genejosh thanks for reminding me about the mommy moments, i almost forgot that every friday the mommy journey will post a new topic about this mommy moments. Im glad i joined this silly moments for this week :-) i didn't join the mommy moments for mother's day because we dont celebrate mother's day here. But anyway, here are some silly photos of my kids :-)
Dana give me that funny look when i took her a picture last week.. :-)
Dustin when he was 2 years old. He is showing his tongue while im taking him picture.

Funny faces of my 3 year old son Dustin.

Dana when he was one week old, this photo taken at the her swing and she is busy sucking her finger., she got a cute funny look here :-)

Dustin showing his new underpants. He starting to get silly when he first try on his new underwear.

Dusting wearing a mask. This is the one when i cut the end of my pants and he put it on. So i decided to cut each side so that it will look like a mask.

Dustin wants me to try on the mask, he is so silly. Do i look funny here? my nose is getting flatter! hehehe :-)

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Chris said...

cute pics.. i like the one wearing his underpants! :D