Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kids Party!

Sunday afternoon around 3:00pm. We are invited to join a kids party. It will be held in one of our sister house. They have a nice backyard, just perfect for the kids to play and running around. The party will start at 3:00pm, kids will doing an art. They can paint anything they want. Dustin still 3 years old and this is his first time to paint. He is kind a smart, i got all the colors he likes and some tools to start the painting. I think he knows what he is doing hehe :-) he grab that brush and put color and it and start painting a car! Here are the photos!

Eating time!

Here are the latest photo of Dana while Daddy feeding her baby food. Looks like she really enjoy her first baby food!

Eating baby food

We just starting giving her baby food. We got her some vegetable like carrots, butternut squash, apple sauce and pears. For the first time she eat those things? she seems like it a lot! She even wants some more! I ask the doctor about it and she said at her age its okay to introduce her some baby foods especially rice cereal as long i continue breastfeeding her. I am still breastfeeding her of course thats what baby needs for the first month until 6 months. I think i will do the same just like dustin. I breastfed him until 2 years so maybe i will do with Dana too as well.

4 Months vaccines

Yesterday is the 4th month of Dana's vaccines. We went there around 2:00pm. Her doctor said that her weight is perfect. She's growing great! She weight 13 lbs. Height: 14 1/4 and her head size is 15 1/2. She will going to have a 3 shot for Hepatitis B, Polio, Pneumococcal Disease, Diphtheria, Tetanus and pertussis, Rotavirus and Hib. Sounds kind a lot but they only give 3 shot. She did pretty good, she screams of course hehe :-) but she fall asleep after i fed her. We gave her infant's tylenol to relieve the pain. At night she doesn't feel good at all but at least she never had any reaction or fever for her 2nd vaccination. Everytime she moved her leg she screams. She sleep pretty good last night i think that medication help. Right now, she is fine and sleeping :-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

What to expect from a happy visit

I didn't expect for anything for Dustin first happy visit. I was thinking maybe they will interview us and ask any information about our kids. I thought they will start cleaning my son's teeth right away but i think i was wrong hehe :-) Mike said they just let Dustin feel comfortable at their clinic and ride at the exam chair.
I research it online and this is what i found out about what to expect from a happy visit (children under 3):

- A visual check of the mouth teeth (if any) and tongue by a dentist
- A cleaning and polishing if the child is ready (we will never force your child to have a cleaning!)
- A discussion with parents of any new developments or findings
- A ride on the exam chair, a toy from the Treasure Box and a soft new toothbrush
- A happy patient ready to come back for more!

Dustin Happy Visit

Last Tuesday around 9:00 am is the apointment of Dustin first happy visit at the Dental Clinic. Dustin did really good. Mike go with him inside while me watching Dana at the waiting area. Mike said Dustin didn't even feel scared when they showed him the tools they will going to use for cleaning his teeth. He is so happy and friendly. He says "Hi!" almost to everyone. I thought they will going to start cleaning his teeth but Mike said they will schedule another appointment for his first cleaning. That day, they just want Dustin to feel comfortable at their clinic. They gave Dustin a new toothbrush and 2 pair of kids floss. They said that we need to keep flossing Dustin teeth once or twice a day, so i am doing that every night before he went to bed. :-)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

SpitzTunes - Working my way back to you!

I love listening music especially when my favorite singer sang it. Mike and I like to listen music too while driving. Mostly we are listening the Neil Young song or it depends which one Mike likes. Here is the new conversation from dNeero that talks about spitztunes and music. If you are interested you can join the conversation and post it to your blog!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dana new dress

Here is the dress i sew last night for my baby dana. I made my own pattern. I get her measurement and figure it out with myself! I finished it around 10:30 pm. I try it on to her and it fits well. Its not so perfect but it makes me happy to see my accomplishment hehe :-) Here are her photos wearing this dark pink dress.

What a cutie!

What a big smile of dana! Even though his brother dustin keep bothering her but it didn't stop her to give me that big smile when i take a picture of them together. What a cutie!

A dress and a pillow cover

Last week i finished two small pillow covers and a cutie dress for my baby girl. But the problem is, i didn't measure dana so i am not sure if the dress will going to fit her or not. I just follow my old pattern. When i finished it, it looks really small and guess what? its not fit to dana anymore! she is way too big already with that dress. This dress i absolutely fit to a newborn baby not with Dana because she was 3 months old now. Well... better try again next time and make it sure that i will get a measurement before i start sewing :-)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cookie time!

As you can see at this photo, Dustin can't wait to try my cookie made from scratch hehe :-) I saw a cookie recipe in one of my recipe book, i dont have one or two ingredients but i did it anyway because it looks good. Instead of buying cookie then why not make my own? The cookie still hot but Dustin can't wait, he already grab one and eat some of the chocolate. It seems like he already eat 2-3 cookies hehe :-)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dustin first dental happy visit

I already make an appointment for Dustin first dental happy visit. That would be this coming 23rd of June this month. His teeth is fine, it looks healthy because he brush his teeth everyday before going to bed at night. I think going to the dentist will be a good idea especially at his age. He is 3 years old now and someday i am sure he will start loosing his teeth and i want him to have a very healthy teeth. Not like me that i didn't take care of my teeth when i was in the Philippines. I even dont know how important it is to go to the dentist. Well... maybe because we dont have money to pay for the dentist unlike here in the USA that you can pay through your insurance. The insurance will cover everything, so you dont need to worry about where to get the money to pay for the dental check up. So will see this coming June 23 for Dustin's first happy visit to his dentist. :-)

Mommy and Baby Tandem

Having 2 kids was really a great blessings. Not only that they make me happy but they also make me feel complete and make me feel that i am truly a mother to them. :-)