Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dustin Happy Visit

Last Tuesday around 9:00 am is the apointment of Dustin first happy visit at the Dental Clinic. Dustin did really good. Mike go with him inside while me watching Dana at the waiting area. Mike said Dustin didn't even feel scared when they showed him the tools they will going to use for cleaning his teeth. He is so happy and friendly. He says "Hi!" almost to everyone. I thought they will going to start cleaning his teeth but Mike said they will schedule another appointment for his first cleaning. That day, they just want Dustin to feel comfortable at their clinic. They gave Dustin a new toothbrush and 2 pair of kids floss. They said that we need to keep flossing Dustin teeth once or twice a day, so i am doing that every night before he went to bed. :-)

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