Thursday, June 25, 2009

What to expect from a happy visit

I didn't expect for anything for Dustin first happy visit. I was thinking maybe they will interview us and ask any information about our kids. I thought they will start cleaning my son's teeth right away but i think i was wrong hehe :-) Mike said they just let Dustin feel comfortable at their clinic and ride at the exam chair.
I research it online and this is what i found out about what to expect from a happy visit (children under 3):

- A visual check of the mouth teeth (if any) and tongue by a dentist
- A cleaning and polishing if the child is ready (we will never force your child to have a cleaning!)
- A discussion with parents of any new developments or findings
- A ride on the exam chair, a toy from the Treasure Box and a soft new toothbrush
- A happy patient ready to come back for more!

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