Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bunk Beds

Next month we are going to arrange our son’s bedroom and we decided to changed Dustin’s bed into Bunk Beds. Since we have 2 kids and Dana will grow up soon, better to use Bunk Beds for the two of them. At least we can save a lot of room. I found a very nice bunk beds online at I already found the one that I like that is perfect for my son’s bedroom. Its very affordable too. I can get it for only $624.00 its free shipping too! I like the Cape Cod 3-In-1 Twin Bunk Bed. Anyway, so if you are looking for a modern wood bunk beds, kids and child bedroom furniture and modern kids and teen furniture. is the right website for you! Visit now and find the perfect bunk beds for your child!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

At the Park

This photo taken yesterday. July 25, 2009 at Canyon View Park, Grand Junction Colorado at Justin's Graduation party. Dustin is the one who took picture of me at this photo. He did really good! He is 3 years old but he knows how to use the camera.

Dustin really enjoy playing at the park together with the other kids. He try the swing, slide and went to the bridge and he wasn't not feel cold!
Father and daughter moment ";-) what a cutie!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Blogging Tips for beginners

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dana with her sundress outfit

Since i didn't took picture of Dana wearing her sundress before we went to the meeting. I decided to took a picture of her and Dustin when we got home. Actually Dana was not in good mood at this photo because she is tired and sleepy but im glad she still give me this cutie smile of her hehe :-) Does she look adorable with her new sundress outfit? I need to make another one with different color i think, maybe with different design. I need to work with my designing skills! Im glad i had a chance to work with my sewing machine again. I really missed that. :-)

Pretty Sundress for Infant

This is the new pretty summer dress i made for my baby girl Dana. I finished it this afternoon and she wears it tonight at the meeting! She look so adorable on this dress. Purple and pink is just a perfect color for her. Thanks to the baby sundress pattern that i got online at Maybe i will make another one with my own design of course hehe :-)

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Like sound in my ear...

Isn’t that amazing how mother feels for their babies? Especially if its your first or second baby. Most mother’s hate to hear their baby crying. It irritates them, well of course not all mother‘s like that. Just like what they said “mother knows best”. They know if their baby’s not feeling well and if their baby is wet and dirty. And babies have many ways too of letting their mother know what they want or need. For me? When my 4 months old baby girl cried? Its like a sound in my ear. Makes me want to hold her and comfort her. I try my best to make her feel comfortable and make her safe in my arms. Sometimes my husband feel irritated when Dana cries. When our baby cries and his holding her? He will give it right away to me because he know that I am the only one who could stop her for crying. At their age? I think they only want their mom, because their mom has everything they need especially milk hehe.


Dana starting drooling at about 3 months, but now she is drooling a lot than last month. All the toys that she got on her hands, she put it in her mouth right away. Even when you just give her a towel or a blanket, she’s drooling it all over. I think she’s teething now. I think 4-6 months is the milestone where the baby starting to drool. Maybe next month her front teeth will come out! The funny thing is, she put all her fist in her mouth. I think that’s the way it comfort her buy sucking her thumb and her fist. We starting giving her rice cereal and she eat pretty good but of course I still breastfeeding her.

Rolling Over

My 4 months old baby girl is rolling over now. She already figure it out on how to roll and realized that her body can move and roll over. At the age of 4 to 6 months is a milestone signifies that your baby is able to coordinate his muscle and achieve this goal. Not only that, at the age of 4 months they can start making this funny noise, they response a lot especially when you play pick-a-boo, when you tickle them, they laugh a lot. This is the very exciting part in the motherhood to see your baby laughing. Isn’t that amazing to see your baby growing and see the changes? Dana is a very strong girl, she is very alert. She even don’t want to sit, she rather to stand up and to see everything. She doesn’t know how to sit with his own yet, but when you hold her hand, she stand up right away and act like she wants to walk. She is such a smiley girl. I think she got that personality from me. She likes taking picture, same as her brother, they are both lovely in the photograph. Now, I need to keep an eye on her because she’s rolling over now and she might fall if I let her lay down in the bed alone or in the couch. Every time I put her down while laying on her back? she roll over right away. So it’s a good thing to know that she know how to roll now.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The hunks

This photo taken last Saturday in our friends house. Dustin really enjoy playing with the kids. They are swimming in a little kids pool and even how cold it is? it seems like it doesn't bother them at all. As long they enjoy it, that is all that matters ;-) This is Dustin's first time to be with his new friends olivia, kenny and johnny. They are the kids of one of our sister in the congregation. It was nice that they invited us to have dinner at their house. They are very nice couple and the kids are very nice too. Im glad Dustin enjoyed it. Look at this photo, the 3 boys are the hunks hehe :-) olivia is such a cute girl too. Isn't that a nice photo of them?

Late Shower...

I been so busy this morning and i haven't had a chance to take a shower because Dana is kind a grouchy and i also need to clean the house and watch Dustin. I thought i can take shower early as long Dana's sleeping but everytime i went to the bathroom to go pee or doing something, she always woke up. Huh... i think i need to take shower after dinner. After our dinner, Mike try to watch dana while im in the bathroom but Dana always crying. She wants me more than her daddy hehe :-) Its already quarter to 10:00pm when Dana fall asleep and now its my time to take a shower because i can't sleep if i dont take a bath. My hair is kind a sticky because of the hair spray i used last other day. I take a bath every another day :-) I need to wait until my hair get dry but first i need to get something for a snack and wait for my sister online. I will go sleep in a while its already 10:30 pm here.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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Saturday, July 4, 2009


I am not aware with the name hives until the time when my 4 months old baby has allergy reaction with peanut. Hives, also known as urticaria or welts, are swollen areas on the skin. They can show up in different shapes and sizes, but are generally well defined, with a pale, central, raised area surrounded by a red border. And they usually itch. I noticed that few days ago when Dustin eating peanut butter jelly and kissed Dana's cheek and the reaction is kind a scary because i see those hives all over her cheek and face. Now I know that even the baby is not eating the peanut but been exposed to peanut food and get into her skin? she still gonna have that reaction. Here is what i found out at about hives.

What causes hives?
Hives show up when the body releases a chemical called histamine. There are so many reasons this might happen that you might have trouble identifying the culprit, but here are the most likely possibilities:

Insect bites and stings. If your baby's allergic to bees or fire ants, for example, he could develop hives in reaction to being stung or bitten.

Food. Your baby might get hives in reaction to something he eats, once he's eating solids. Or he might react to something you ate if you're breastfeeding him. The most likely foods to offend are tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, shellfish, chocolate, fish, milk, fresh or frozen berries, tomatoes, and certain food additives and preservatives. (Some of these foods, like cow's milk, are not suitable for babies, but your baby might still react to them in your breast milk.) He may break out in hives because he's allergic to the protein in the food, or simply because his body reacts to a chemical in the food by releasing histamine. Some children even develop hives simply from coming into contact with certain foods — for example, when the juice from a strawberry gets on their skin. (Surprisingly, those same babies might not react to eating strawberries.)

Allergens Babies who have developed an allergy to cats could also break out in hives when they touch the kitty. Your baby could even get hives from an allergen in the air, like pollen.

Illness. Your baby might get hives when he has a cold or other viral infection. Less commonly, he could get hives from a bacterial infection.

Temperature. Sometimes cold temperatures can cause hives. The same goes for a sudden change in temperature — such as when your baby's skin warms up after being cold.

Drugs. Antibiotics and some other medications might cause your baby to break out in hives.

Peanut Allergy...

Peanut butter is not a good thing to give to an infant age 1 month to 6 months. Mostly the infant will have an allergy reaction. I am not sure if this happen to all babies but my 4 months old baby girl have an allergy reaction with peanut, because last few days ago while im giving Dustin peanut butter jelly for his lunch and give Dana a little bit of jelly, the allergy reaction was so fast and it scares me. Just few seconds I can see the red spot all over her mouth. It seems like it doesn't bother her but it really scares me to death! I called Mike right away and he said i need to calm down and he wants me to watch Dana and the reaction of the peanut on her. She fall asleep after few minutes and when she woke up, the allergic reaction was gone and her face cleared up. Its a lesson for me not to give her anything about peanuts. We need to throw all our peanut butter and everything that has peanut in it.

Opps... we almost forgot!

Last Sunday, one of our friend invited us to come dinner with them this Saturday, tonight. But we forgot and when the other friend of ours invited us, we make an arrangement with them right away. Im glad she called this afternoon to remind us that they invited us to come dinner with them tonight. If she didn't called? maybe we can't make it hehe :-) Anyway, Mike called bob to cancel our meeting with them and ask for an apology. Maybe we can just come by to their house after, around 8:00pm. So will see...

What a cutie!

What a cutie baby! She is just a smiley little girl. Everytime i call her name and show her the camera, she gave me a cutie smile right away. Love this new photo... :-)

Baby Eczema

My 4 months old baby seems like she's having an eczema. I noticed the red rashes on her cheek thats seem to be very itchy because she keep scratching her face. I keep putting a moisturizer on her check to relieve the itch. I think it helps a lot. I was wondering if this really an eczema, i am not sure but i research it online and i came across this website at and they have information about baby eczema. It said that this eczema, as they called atopic dermatitis, is a skin rash that often appears in the first year of life. Eczema usually shows up on a baby's forehead, cheeks and scalp but it can spread to the arms, legs, chest or other parts of the body.

Last Tuesday for Dana's doctor appointment, i forgot to tell the doctor about the red rash on her cheek but that time her cheek looks fine and the red rash cleared up and i forgot to mention it. Anyway, today her cheek still kind a red but hopefully it will cleared up later. I still keep putting moisturizer because it helps her not to scratch her face.

So if your baby have an eczema, is the perfect website to visit. They have all information about eczema and anything about baby's.