Thursday, July 9, 2009

Late Shower...

I been so busy this morning and i haven't had a chance to take a shower because Dana is kind a grouchy and i also need to clean the house and watch Dustin. I thought i can take shower early as long Dana's sleeping but everytime i went to the bathroom to go pee or doing something, she always woke up. Huh... i think i need to take shower after dinner. After our dinner, Mike try to watch dana while im in the bathroom but Dana always crying. She wants me more than her daddy hehe :-) Its already quarter to 10:00pm when Dana fall asleep and now its my time to take a shower because i can't sleep if i dont take a bath. My hair is kind a sticky because of the hair spray i used last other day. I take a bath every another day :-) I need to wait until my hair get dry but first i need to get something for a snack and wait for my sister online. I will go sleep in a while its already 10:30 pm here.

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