Thursday, July 16, 2009

Like sound in my ear...

Isn’t that amazing how mother feels for their babies? Especially if its your first or second baby. Most mother’s hate to hear their baby crying. It irritates them, well of course not all mother‘s like that. Just like what they said “mother knows best”. They know if their baby’s not feeling well and if their baby is wet and dirty. And babies have many ways too of letting their mother know what they want or need. For me? When my 4 months old baby girl cried? Its like a sound in my ear. Makes me want to hold her and comfort her. I try my best to make her feel comfortable and make her safe in my arms. Sometimes my husband feel irritated when Dana cries. When our baby cries and his holding her? He will give it right away to me because he know that I am the only one who could stop her for crying. At their age? I think they only want their mom, because their mom has everything they need especially milk hehe.

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Beth said...

This is so true. Kids that young are so dependent on their moms. Ramdam yata nila ung care natin sa knila e :)