Monday, August 3, 2009

Dana at 5 months old

She just turning 5 months last 26th of July. She’s growing so fast! She is such a sweetie pie. At 5 months? She is really alert. When you call her name she turn quickly. She seems know her name especially when you call her name “Dana“. I never seen Dustin been so alert like her. She also likes to walk, I am sure she will be an early walker! She just love it when you hold her both hands and let her walk. She knows what she’s doing. She knows where she wants to go to hehe :-). I think she wants to keep up with her brother. I love watching them together playing and laughing each other. She shows a strong attachment to me too because every time I put her down? she cries and don’t want me to leave her. She raise her arms and she wants me to picked her up. Here are some of the photos i took when she's walking :-)

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