Thursday, October 22, 2009

She's crawling!

My husband was gone for two weeks. He missed a lot of things! He didn’t see Dana crawling yet, so I am sure when he come back, he will be surprise on how Dana changed a lot since he left. He will be back tomorrow afternoon. He went to Alamosa for work. Two weeks is kind a long week! Its hard for me not see him for two weeks. But I can’t do anything about it. He needs to work and we need the money. Anyway, Dana will be 8 months old this coming 26th of October. She knows how to crawl now and she look so adorable when she crawl. She is just a sweetie pie. She knows how to stand up by lifting her body up. She can also say “mama”. Every morning she say “mmmmmamma” isn’t that cute? My heart felt joy every time I hear her saying that words. I can’t wait to see her walking and start to talk. Here is the video I took yesterday when she crawled.

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