Friday, November 27, 2009

I think it works!

It’s been three days since we took Dustin at the Allergy Specialist. We already noticed the changes. The antibiotic helps a lot. His runny nose cleared up, it’s not color yellow anymore and it looks clear now than before. He don’t have hard time sleeping. With the help of the hot water mist that we bought at Rite Aid, he can sleep better at night now. I think the medication really works! But as usual he still blowing his nose but not all the time. He is still a happy, energetic little boy and we are hoping that he will get over his sinus infection.

Sinus Infection

We took Dustin three days ago of November 24 at the Allergy Specialist. We’re worried about his sinus because it didn’t go away. It’s been almost a year that he has problem in his nose. He never stop blowing and snipping. His nose always plugged up with mucus. It seems like it doesn’t bother him that much because he is still energetic and have lot of energy. The Doctor says, that when the kids has sinus infection, they doesn’t feel any pain at all. He also says that Dustin don’t have any skin reaction when they did the skin test for allergen. So, his nose problem is not cause of any allergy, it was sinus infection. He has a sinus infection for almost a year now. We even didn’t find out right away. We thought that Dustin nose problem is cause of weather changes or something, he has allergic to any dust, food or anything. Even his Pediatrician can‘t tell that he has sinus infection. Make us wonder why? She keep giving us prescription for him to try but none of them works. We are so thankful to find out about the cause of his runny nose. We are glad to bring him to the Specialist. Now, we are hoping that the Doctor prescription “the antibiotic”, will help Dustin to feel better.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Watch his favorite movie again?

When Dustin likes the movie? I am sure he will watch the movie many times. We just got the “Transformer” last month and now Mike bought a new movie “Star Trek”. We watch it last night and right before he woke up this morning, the first thing he wants to do is to watch the movie Star Trek again. It’s 8:00 am and I think it’s too early for him to watch TV. I told him, if he finish his breakfast then I will let him watch the movie but If not? Then no TV for the day. Guess what? He eat his breakfast as fast as he can and he says “mommy, I’m done! Can I watch the movie now?’ What a smart kid! He can’t even wait! When the movie is done, he turned it off and went to his bedroom and play his toy. What a good boy! I was very surprised. It’s 12 noon now and its time for us to have lunch, you know what? He ate his lunch around 11:00 am and he told me that he is not hungry that he is a good boy but he ask me to turn the TV on and he wants to watch the “Transformer”. And I said “AGAIN?”. Well, I think that’s what the kid is.. If they want and like something, they want to see it over and over again.

Drooling and Teething?

Drooling is one of the signs when the baby starts teething. Dana gums starting to get hard and seems like she’s ready to have her teeth come out. She keeps biting her finger and because of drooling, she started to have facial rash in her cheek and ears. We use different kind of moisturizer and I think the Eucerin Aquapor helps a lot. That is her pediatrician recommended. As what I noticed, she doesn’t have discomfort at all especially when she sleep at night. For her food, I gave her cheerios in the morning, rice cereal for her lunch and dinner. She doesn’t eat much of her food. I think she love to try adult food! We give her little bit of our food and she’s happy. But we need to be careful because it will affect her bowel movement. So far, we are very aware that sooner or later her teeth will come out and hopefully she won’t have any symptoms or problems when that time comes.

There she is! Almost walking!

She will be 9 months this coming 26th of November. And look! She’s moving around while holding on to furniture especially in chairs and tables. She pull herself up into standing position and try to reach everything she see in the table. She loves to walk than to crawl. She grab my one hand and go! While she’s doing that, she’s making a lot of noise, saying “mama”, “tata”, “dada”, “deeaah”. So cute every time I hear her saying that. It melt’s my heart when she call me “mama”. Sometimes her dad get jealous because she rather say “mama” than “dada”. I am sure few months from now, she will learn more words. For now, she’s a happy and energetic girl. She has a lot of energy that makes me worn out. hehe :-)

Friday, November 13, 2009

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Playing Guitar...

Its fun to watch your little one when they started to learn how to walk, crawl, stand up and play. Like at this photo, i was very surprised when she started to turn on the guitar and she's having fun when she hear the music. She smile at me and she loves it! Isn't she cutie?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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