Saturday, November 21, 2009

Drooling and Teething?

Drooling is one of the signs when the baby starts teething. Dana gums starting to get hard and seems like she’s ready to have her teeth come out. She keeps biting her finger and because of drooling, she started to have facial rash in her cheek and ears. We use different kind of moisturizer and I think the Eucerin Aquapor helps a lot. That is her pediatrician recommended. As what I noticed, she doesn’t have discomfort at all especially when she sleep at night. For her food, I gave her cheerios in the morning, rice cereal for her lunch and dinner. She doesn’t eat much of her food. I think she love to try adult food! We give her little bit of our food and she’s happy. But we need to be careful because it will affect her bowel movement. So far, we are very aware that sooner or later her teeth will come out and hopefully she won’t have any symptoms or problems when that time comes.

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