Saturday, November 21, 2009

There she is! Almost walking!

She will be 9 months this coming 26th of November. And look! She’s moving around while holding on to furniture especially in chairs and tables. She pull herself up into standing position and try to reach everything she see in the table. She loves to walk than to crawl. She grab my one hand and go! While she’s doing that, she’s making a lot of noise, saying “mama”, “tata”, “dada”, “deeaah”. So cute every time I hear her saying that. It melt’s my heart when she call me “mama”. Sometimes her dad get jealous because she rather say “mama” than “dada”. I am sure few months from now, she will learn more words. For now, she’s a happy and energetic girl. She has a lot of energy that makes me worn out. hehe :-)

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