Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dustin's condition

We went to Allergy Specialist this morning for Dustin’s appointment. We didn’t wait until next year for Dustin’s appointment; instead we moved the schedule early because of Dustin’s condition. His sinus infection didn’t go away even though he took antibiotic for 3 weeks. The antibiotic didn’t help a lot. We don’t want to rely on the antibiotic; we need to find out what’s going on in Dustin’s nose. It’s been a long time since he has this sinus infection. I feel pity on him because he keeps blowing his nose all the time and sometimes he’s having hard time breathing with his nose. Good thing because tomorrow morning at 9:15, we will go to St. Mary’s Hospital here in Grand Junction to get Dustin CT Scan. This might be a good idea so that the Doctor can find out the reason why Dustin suffers this bad sinus infection. Poor little guy, hopefully he will feel better before the year end.

Monday, December 28, 2009


When your baby is teething, it’s really hard for them to please. They keep crying and if you never let them do what they want, then they will throw a pit on you. At night, you won’t have a good night sleep because they keep waking you up. I am just worried because most babies when they are teething, they get sick and have fever. Dana my 10 month’s old little girl, her tooth just came out. There’s another one coming too. She keeps biting her finger and rubs her tongue into his tooth. We called her snuggle tooth. He is so cute when she smiled. But she’s not good when she cry! Because she really can scream! Hehe.

New addiction

Why is it that when they started to learn new things, they get more interested and become more addicted? Dustin my 3 years old son and will be 4 this coming January 2nd. He just started to learn how to use computer and play games online for kids. I keep trying not to get him more interested but I think I am wrong. He’s a smart kid and his learning with his own. He knows how to open the computer now, write his name using the keyboard; he knows how to open different kinds of games. Now he is into it. Sometimes I am having hard time, telling him to turn off the computer and play his toys in his bedroom because he is crying after I turn the computer of. He always says that he wants to play game and he enjoyed it. I always hear him saying, he wants to play his game and he never stop crying. Oh Boy! I think I need to make him stop with this new addiction and try to make him understand that it’s not good for him to play games all the time. I will let him play if I am around or he can play about an hour or so, as long not all day.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dustin playing online

Dustin will be four years old next year first week of January the 2nd. He is smart enough to use computer. Actually, it’s not really good to let your kids be interested in the computer because they learn so fast and we know that computer has everything that you can imagine. If they get so interested, they might open other websites that is not prohibited to them. Just like the pornography website, adult site and other things. I let Dustin use my laptop if I am around. I only let him to play Ice Age the Icebreaker game. Even he keep telling me that he wants to play race car games, I always say no to race car games because he still don’t know how to use the keyboard, unlike the ice age games, its easy because he only need to use the space and the left and right bar. Some of the kids games are very complicated and if I let him play those kind of sport games online, he might get addicted to it and I don’t want to make it happen.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Renew Intensive Skin Therapy

Dana is suffering eczema for her first three months. We use different kind of moisturizer but none of them works. We use Eucerin and Aveeno. It works at first but Dana’s eczema always came back. She still have little bit in her cheeks. Her Pediatrician recommended us to use Eucerin Aquafor. I like that one too but it’s little bit oily. We also try to mix the Aquafor with Hydrocortisone cream. We noticed the changes right away. Her skin started to cleared up. After a week her eczema on her cheek came back again. One day, one of our sister gave us a “Renew Intensive Skin Therapy” from “Melaleuca”. She said that she used this moisturizer when her kids suffer eczema and it really works! We try it and I like it! Dana’s face is very soft and the eczema in her cheeks disappear. It smells good too! I told her to order me one because I already run out and I will pay her this weekend. So, if your kids suffer eczema, Renew Intensive Skin Therapy from Melaleuca is the one I will absolutely recommend. Try it and you’ll see the difference!

Dana's first time in snow!

Dana's first time in snow photos! This is her first time to go out in snow. She likes it a lot, she wants to sit down and grab the snow. We didn't stay too long because her face is freezing cold. I need to wrap her with a blanket to keep her warm. She looks cutie in her jacket with her hat on and gloves. :-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Look who's walking?

Look who's walking! She is so tiny isn't she? She's very happy that she can push her little stroller by herself. She did it and I'm so happy that she really enjoy pushing her stroller.

Nice shot of her! I captured the moment that she's waiting for! to walk alone with the help of her little stroller. hehe ;-)
Daddy helping her to get up because she fell.

10 months old Dana

Dana is 10 months old now and she’s almost walking! Maybe few months more, she can walk by herself without any support. She don’t want me to hold her both hands. For her, one hand is enough. Sometimes she forgot to hold my hand and just walk. She did good though because she can walk 5 or more steps. She fall in her butt most of the time and she got scared every time she fall. The thing that she likes the most is to crawl and walk going to the bathroom. I know bathroom is not a very good place to play because there are many germs in it but of course I make it sure that the bathroom is clean. She just like to stand up in the bathtub and play the curtain. That’s why I always keep an eye on her all the time because she crawl so fast now and I don’t want her to get hurt. She loves to play under the table and play peek-a-boo. So cute to watch her doing that. For 10 months old? She’s kind a mature in that age. She’s a smart little girl. She knows what she wants, she wants to see what I am doing just like cooking, cleaning, washing, folding clothes and when his big brother Dustin brushes his teeth, she wants to see it! She’s curious in everything!

Dustin's little town

Here is a picture of his little down town. He is the one who arranged it and park all his toy cars. He even don’t want me to touch it or even to clean his bedroom. When his little sister Dana comes in, he close the door right away. He don’t want Dana play his cars. Like what I said, Dustin is very imaginative, he likes to explore things and to play pretend. He is surely has potential to be an engineer or a businessman someday when he grow up.


Dustin is very imaginative on his own way. Very creative too. He is 3 years old and will be 4 years old this coming January the 2nd. He’s into cars. Well, I think all little boys love to play cars. Every time his dad came home from work, he always says “dad, did you bring a present for me?” He already used to it, because mostly his dad bring a little toy car for him. Actually he has hundreds of little cars. We got it from garage sale, one box full of different kind of cars just only for $5.00. Isn’t that cheap? We got it cheaper than to buy at the store. Having lots of cars is still not enough for him. He still want more but in different style and different colors. At least he didn’t ask any expensive cars. He wants those cheap small cars for a buck.