Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dustin playing online

Dustin will be four years old next year first week of January the 2nd. He is smart enough to use computer. Actually, it’s not really good to let your kids be interested in the computer because they learn so fast and we know that computer has everything that you can imagine. If they get so interested, they might open other websites that is not prohibited to them. Just like the pornography website, adult site and other things. I let Dustin use my laptop if I am around. I only let him to play Ice Age the Icebreaker game. Even he keep telling me that he wants to play race car games, I always say no to race car games because he still don’t know how to use the keyboard, unlike the ice age games, its easy because he only need to use the space and the left and right bar. Some of the kids games are very complicated and if I let him play those kind of sport games online, he might get addicted to it and I don’t want to make it happen.

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