Monday, December 28, 2009

New addiction

Why is it that when they started to learn new things, they get more interested and become more addicted? Dustin my 3 years old son and will be 4 this coming January 2nd. He just started to learn how to use computer and play games online for kids. I keep trying not to get him more interested but I think I am wrong. He’s a smart kid and his learning with his own. He knows how to open the computer now, write his name using the keyboard; he knows how to open different kinds of games. Now he is into it. Sometimes I am having hard time, telling him to turn off the computer and play his toys in his bedroom because he is crying after I turn the computer of. He always says that he wants to play game and he enjoyed it. I always hear him saying, he wants to play his game and he never stop crying. Oh Boy! I think I need to make him stop with this new addiction and try to make him understand that it’s not good for him to play games all the time. I will let him play if I am around or he can play about an hour or so, as long not all day.

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