Saturday, January 30, 2010

Personalized pens

Every day in the afternoon before Mike came home, Dustin and I are doing our study in his early learning books. He did very well and we’re in the middle of the book already. The other thing I do to make him learn faster especially in his writing skills, I let him write those letters on the paper and he write it many times until the paper is full. His learning numbers now and I were amazed because he learns fast. He is a fast learner and at the age of four, he already knew a lot of things. He can easily figure it out just by looking at the pictures and letters. This is part of our every day routine. Since we’re doing this every day, I also need a pen with different colors to use in our learning studies. I’m so happy with my new personalized pens that my husband bought last week. He said it’s a surprised for me. Instead o f using regular pens, he bought me nice personalized pens with three different colors red, blue and black. It was a great surprised! Maybe I could buy more so that I can give it to my friends here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Perfect vacation spot for you!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Grohe faucet

Would it be nice to have a very unique style of faucet either in your kitchen or bathroom? We just got our new faucet and I like it a lot! I love washing dishes especially that our new faucet is very unique and it’s very different than our old faucet. Talking about faucet, I like the Kohler and Grohe faucet. They have unique style, outstanding design and perfection you simple cannot ignore! Guess what? is reducing prices! You can save up to 40% off in all Grohe products.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dustin's routine...

About Dustin, he has a routine every day. In the morning after he eat breakfast, he watch his favorite kids program on TV. He likes to watch SpongeBob, Max & Ruby, Umizoom and other kids show. Around 10 or 11:00 am, he will call her dad asking permission if he can play online. If he is a good boy, we let him play for a couple of hours. We just let him play at website; he can find a lot of learning games on that site. I never let him play any racing cars and Mario because he can’t learn anything from it. Much better if he sticks to nickjr website that way he can learn fast and it’s a good learning stage too. When he’s done playing, he will turn the computer off and run to our bedroom. He lies down and rest for a minute. Around 4:00pm, that’s our study time. We study in the kitchen while I’m cooking and cleaning. He did very well in his early learning book. He knows how to write and he easily recognizes letters, shapes and colors. So far he did very well! He’s done a good job studying and it’s good for him to learn at his early age, that way it’s not hard for him to learn when he go to school.

11 months old Dana

Dana will be 11 months old tomorrow 26th of January. Her tooth on the top came out already. There’s two in the bottom and two in the top. She’s still nursing and she bites me. I tell her “No Biting”, but she really doesn’t understand. She cries if you tell her “No”. If she keeps doing this, I think I will wean her early. Biting is not funny at all. Their teeth are sharp and it really hurts. She also has a funny personality. She is just a cutie. I don’t understand why she doesn’t like toys. She prefers to play the electronics and other stuff that only adults can use. She likes to see everything I do. She is interested in the washing machine and dryer, the dishwasher, the TV, radio, remote control, flushing the bathroom; she likes to play magazines, cardboard and toilet paper. We bought her a toy cell phone for her to play but she likes my cell phone better. Maybe she knows that her toy cell phone is not real. This morning, she gets frustrated because she can’t open the door in the dryer. When I open it, you can see the big smile in her face. She don’t like baby food anymore, she prefer adult food. She loves to try anything we eat. But I still force her to eat baby food of course. I’m very happy to see a lot of changes of her at her early age. I can’t wait to see her walking by herself and hear her talking.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

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Dental implants Mexico

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Ferrari parts

I just talk with my sister this evening and we’re talking about the earthquake. She told me that they have intensity 4 earthquake. It makes me worried but she said nothing to worry about. The earthquake didn’t take long, it only take few minutes. So, I think nothing got hurt on that day. I’m so happy also to talk with my mom and see her live in the webcam. I missed them so much. I had great time talking with them but then suddenly Dana starting to get fussy. I need to take her to bed and put her to sleep and I can come back online later and check the Ferrari parts online. I love Ferrari and wish I could have one in the future!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Movie theater...

It was so nice that our friend Kathy invite Dustin to watch movie with her together with Dustin’s close friend Janelle. This is Dustin’s chance to get out for a while and watch the movie theater with Kathy and Janelle. They watched “The Princess and the Frog”. I am sure he will have a great time with them. It’s been a long time since we watch movie together as a family. We didn’t watch movie anymore because of our little girl Dana. I don’t like to bring Dana in the theater because I am sure she won’t be a good girl and she’s not big enough to watch movie. Anyhow, we have appointment this afternoon at H&R Block, so we drop Dustin’s off at Kathy’s house. I can see in his face that he is very excited to watch movie. When he got home, he is telling me everything! He is so happy and I think he really had a great time!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Philadelphia job listings

My Filipina friend lived in Philadelphia together with her husband. She’s been there for almost a year now. She’s my co-worker before at the Internet CafĂ© back in the Philippines. It’s been a while since our last talked but I remember when she told me that she’s looking for a job. I’m not sure if she finds one but since she’s looking for a job I recommended her the The philadelphia job listings could help her find what she’s looking for. She’s a hard working person, I am sure she can find a job that suit her.

Vacation in Orlando

Mike and I are worried since we receive an email from IRS for a tax audit. We’re not sure how much money we owe from our taxes. We already make an appointment with them this coming 28th of January. And since this happened, we’re not sure if we can get our tax return for this year. That tax return we will get is what will going to use for our vacation in Orlando. It’s so sad if we can’t make it. But hopefully we can still get our money this year for our tax so that we can spend a family vacation either in the Philippines or in Florida.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


What are Adenoids?
The adenoids are lumpy clusters of spongy tissue that help protect kids from getting sick. They sit high on each side of the throat behind the nose and the roof of the mouth.

Actually we're still confused and can’t decide whether we let Dustin undergo for adenoidectomy surgery or not. Monday of January 11, we went to Ear, Nose and throat Specialist to check Dustin’s condition about his sinus infection. The Doctor asked many questions about Dustin and he thinks that Dustin has a chronic sinus infection and he needs to remove Dustin’s adenoids.

Chronic or recurrent sinus infections or rhinosinusitis is similar to the problem with the middle ear, enlarge or infected adenoids may cause accumulation of nasal secretions or recurrent sinus infections. Many surgeons feel that an adenoidectomy is the most appropriate surgical procedure for young children with severe sinus problems. I read this article at, they have more information about adenoids and what are the complications of adenoidectomy.

I research online about adenoids because I am not familiar with this word at all. It gives me idea on how to react in case we will decide to let Dustin undergo the surgery. My husband and I talked about it and we decided to wait a little bit longer maybe a week or two. Dustin taking nasal spray and antibiotic at this time and we want to see the changes first before we decide about the surgery.

The Doctor didn’t rush us. He gives us time to think about it and see what our decision is. I was totally blocked out when I heard about surgery. I’m scared because Dustin is too young to have surgery. The Doctor said we don’t need to worry about because the surgery is easy and not a critical procedure. The surgery will only take about 15-20 minutes. They will put Dustin into sleep and he can go home right away after the surgery when he woke up. Well, I don’t know. I am not totally convinced about this. But will see….

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dustin starting to get overwhelmed to all the games he play online at Everyday he always want to play his games. He loves to play the M&M, Mario and Car games. I tried not to let him spend more time playing in the computer, instead he needs to play his toys also in his bedroom and watch TV. I let him play while Dana is awake or if his a good boy and eat all his breakfast. He did very well and he listens too so as a reward, he can play the games he likes.

In the afternoon while his sister Dana was sleeping. We had a chance to study the Early Learning book. We study two pages per day. When he finished the two pages, he can get a sticker as a reward. He is a smart boy, he learns so fast, he knows all the letters and colors so it's not hard for me to teach him those stuff. After our studies, I read him a bible story book. He loves it and he is very serious when I read him a story book. That's a good sign that he will be a good student, a good listener and a smart boy.

What Dana's love to do?

What Dana's love to do? Well, there are lot of things that she loves to do. At her age 10 months? She learns to explore and become more interested in Electronics and other stuff like Washing Machine, Dryer, Dish Washer, Stove, Oven and Microwave. She loves to gaze in the snow outside and loves to play in the bathroom especially the tub and a sink. She is not contented especially when you put her down in a place where she surrounded with lot of toys. She get frustrated easily. All she wants to do is to grab my hand and take me wherever she wants to go. If I let go? She get mad. She won't stop crying. It's really funny because she is so cute when she does that. She makes funny noise and funny faces.

Last night she was so fussy. We're thinking maybe his tooth bothering her but I think it's not. She just want to walk around and play. Even how tired she is, she's really fighting it. I was so tired last night and not feeling good as well because my tummy got upset with the food I ate. I got bad headache too and while I'm nursing Dana and trying to make her sleep. I run quickly to the bathroom and throw up all the food I eat. That makes me better after I throw up but this morning I woke up having a rumbling tummy. :-)

Try different doctor

My husband and I are not satisfy of Dustin's last appointment when the Allergy Specialist gave us the result of his CT Scan. They told us that the result was normal and nothing's wrong to Dustin, maybe Dustin just had a habit of snipping and blowing his nose all the time. Since we are not both satisfied, we decided to try another doctor and my husband already make an appointment for Dustin this coming Monday at 9:15 am. We will go to the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. We are hoping that they can find out what's going on with Dustin. I am sure Dustin have something in his nose that bothers him a lot. Until now his still keep blowing his nose and all the mucus in his nose are not draining. Well, I noticed this past few days that his not blowing his nose that much. Maybe the nasal spray that the Doctor gave to us help a little bit in Dustin's condition. I am not sure how long it will take though, maybe his nose problem will come back again. Will see for that.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Early Learning...

Dustin and I are starting to do a learning study. We bought a book about “Everything for early learning”. We’re in page 11. So far, he did very well. We do 2 pages per day. He already learns how to spell the color Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Orange. He did very well in letters and colors. We’re not in the shape yet but I am sure he will learn it fast. I will try to make a routine so that he will get used to it. It’s really nice to teach your children at their early age. The early you teach them, the early they learn fast.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dustin turns 4!

Today is Dustin birthday. He is 4 years old. Since we are not celebrating birthday, we don’t encourage him to think about celebrating his birthday and have party. I am sure he will understand it when time comes. It’s funny because every time I ask him “how old are you”. He keeps answering me “3 years old”. I keep telling him that he is already 4 years old but he always forgot. Well, I think it’s normal especially that he get used to it to say that he is 3. It takes a while before he realized that he is already 4 years old, a grown up little boy! I can’t imagine how they grow so fast! I can still remember when he was a baby. Hopefully this summer he can take a swimming lesson. That’s one of our plans.

Dustin CT scan result

We got Dustin’s CT scan result and the doctor said that his sinus infection was normal. He thinks that Dustin has a habit. Habit of blowing his nose and make an irritating noise that seems he having hard time breathing or trying to let the mucus out in his nose. The Allergy Specialist gave him a new medication but not antibiotic. We try the nasal spray and see if it’s work. They also gave us a sinus rinse. He started using it last week but I didn’t see any changes. His condition was still the same. We don’t know what to do but Mike says that maybe we will take Dustin to a nose and ear specialist. So will see what happen.