Monday, January 25, 2010

Dustin's routine...

About Dustin, he has a routine every day. In the morning after he eat breakfast, he watch his favorite kids program on TV. He likes to watch SpongeBob, Max & Ruby, Umizoom and other kids show. Around 10 or 11:00 am, he will call her dad asking permission if he can play online. If he is a good boy, we let him play for a couple of hours. We just let him play at website; he can find a lot of learning games on that site. I never let him play any racing cars and Mario because he can’t learn anything from it. Much better if he sticks to nickjr website that way he can learn fast and it’s a good learning stage too. When he’s done playing, he will turn the computer off and run to our bedroom. He lies down and rest for a minute. Around 4:00pm, that’s our study time. We study in the kitchen while I’m cooking and cleaning. He did very well in his early learning book. He knows how to write and he easily recognizes letters, shapes and colors. So far he did very well! He’s done a good job studying and it’s good for him to learn at his early age, that way it’s not hard for him to learn when he go to school.

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