Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dustin starting to get overwhelmed to all the games he play online at Everyday he always want to play his games. He loves to play the M&M, Mario and Car games. I tried not to let him spend more time playing in the computer, instead he needs to play his toys also in his bedroom and watch TV. I let him play while Dana is awake or if his a good boy and eat all his breakfast. He did very well and he listens too so as a reward, he can play the games he likes.

In the afternoon while his sister Dana was sleeping. We had a chance to study the Early Learning book. We study two pages per day. When he finished the two pages, he can get a sticker as a reward. He is a smart boy, he learns so fast, he knows all the letters and colors so it's not hard for me to teach him those stuff. After our studies, I read him a bible story book. He loves it and he is very serious when I read him a story book. That's a good sign that he will be a good student, a good listener and a smart boy.

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