Saturday, January 30, 2010

Personalized pens

Every day in the afternoon before Mike came home, Dustin and I are doing our study in his early learning books. He did very well and we’re in the middle of the book already. The other thing I do to make him learn faster especially in his writing skills, I let him write those letters on the paper and he write it many times until the paper is full. His learning numbers now and I were amazed because he learns fast. He is a fast learner and at the age of four, he already knew a lot of things. He can easily figure it out just by looking at the pictures and letters. This is part of our every day routine. Since we’re doing this every day, I also need a pen with different colors to use in our learning studies. I’m so happy with my new personalized pens that my husband bought last week. He said it’s a surprised for me. Instead o f using regular pens, he bought me nice personalized pens with three different colors red, blue and black. It was a great surprised! Maybe I could buy more so that I can give it to my friends here.

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