Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Family visit to the dentist

This is the first time that we went to the dentist as a family where Mike, Dustin and I will have our teeth cleaned at the same day. Dustin and I go in first while Mike is watching Dana. Well, they will never get done with my teeth, I have a lot of problem in my teeth. We make another appointment to crown, filling and bridge my front teeth since I am using dentures for more than 6-7 years. Mike also need to make another appointment for his filling. For Dustin? So far Dustin don’t have any problem, his teeth are very healthy but in six months from now, he will have his teeth cleaned again. Our dentist give us an option either we want to do the implants or bridge? We’re thinking about it and I know implants is really expensive and we can’t afford it right now. So we end up with the bridge option. They showed me the photos and I am so excited about it. That means, my two front teeth will look natural and I don’t need to think about taking it off. I am looking for my next appointment next month.

Monday, March 29, 2010

She's ready!

Dustin start brushing his teeth when he turns one year old. He has 4 teeth that time and since Dana already has 4 teeth and she just turn one last month. I decided to start brushing her teeth. I introduce her new toothbrush and guess what? she likes it! I think she's ready to brush her teeth! She don’t want me to hold it, she want’s to do it by herself. She always see her brother brushing his teeth every night before bedtime and she is so excited to brush her teeth together with her brother. They having fun together and it’s nice that they get along well together. They are such a cuties! They are my happiness, I am contented in my life now. I am very blessed to have a wonderful husband and two wonderful kids.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dana's appointment...

It’s been 3-4 months that Dana never got her shot. Mike and I talked about it and he don’t want Dana get another shot this month, he said maybe we need to wait another 3 months. But when we went to the doctor’s office yesterday for Dana’s appointment. The doctor told us that she need to get a shot today for MMR and chickenpox since she’s already a year old. I’m kind a worried because maybe Dana will have reaction to this vaccine. Anyhow, when we get home, Dana fall asleep and wake up around 3-4:00pm. She took a long nap. I gave her tylenol right away so that she won’t have fever. I was very surprised because she act very silly that night after dinner, she keep walking, playing with Dustin, they laugh each other and seems like she never feel any pain at all. She sleep good last night and she’s happy when she wakes up. The weather is not good this morning, it was cloudy and breezy. I was about to go out in service but I changed my mind. I’m still worried about Dana because I don’t want her to get sick or have any reaction to that vaccination she got. Hopefully she will be okay because they said the reaction might came out about 3-4 days or maybe a week. Will see…

Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dana with her green dress...

Here comes the lady! It seems like your shoe is missing! She doesn't care hehe :-) She's happy sitting down her car seat. This is the car seat she's using now because her big brother Dustin just got his booster sit. She loves it! Look at her, she so happy when I take a picture of her. She loves to be the center of attention. Her green flowery dress is perfect for spring time!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Upside down...

Dana loves to do upside down. She put her head on the floor and lift her butt up. She's happy and she seems enjoying it. I watch her all the time in case she will hurt her self. She look like doing the acrobatic position. She looks cute at this photo. What you think?

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What a boy!

Here is the new photos of Dustin wearing his formal attire. He is getting ready to go in service. This photo taken last Thursday. As you can see he has his book bag with him. He loves to go in service and I think that's a good training for him that way when he become adult, he will understand how important it is to share the kingdom good news to others. It can benefit him and to others.

best muscle supplements

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hair loss prevention

I brushed my hair everyday and I still see falling hair, not as bad as before though because I'm using hair loss prevention. I think that helps a lot, unlike before it was scary. I loss a lot of hair and my hair is very thin. Now, I take care of my hair and apply conditioner after shower. I also take vitamins for hair, skin and nails. I noticed the difference and see that my hair is thicker, smoother and healthy than before.

Trouble sleeping?

How many times or days that you having trouble sleeping? Is it everyday? Are you taking sleeping pills or other stuff to make you sleep? Does coffee make it worst? I am not a coffee lover but if I want to keep awake then I will take a cup of coffee. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping specially if my family in the Philippines have problem or if my mom get sick. Dana, my one year old daughter, if she get sick or fussy then I can't sleep. It's hard to have good night sleep when you have kids. What do you think?

Waiting for daddy!

Fifteen minutes before Mike will be home from work. My kids and I are waiting for him outside. While waiting for daddy, we walk at the mail box to get the mail and let Dana and Dustin play in the garage. It was a nice day and its not cold at all! I even don't wear jacket! I took some photos of Dustin and Dana and here are there new photos! Aren't they cuties?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Save the date postcards

When you celebrate special occasion like wedding, family reunion, engagement party or other occasions. Did you send your guest a save the date postcards? I never think about that until my friend tell me about save the date postcards at I was thinking maybe next time I’ll do that, that way I can let my guest know in advance about the upcoming celebrations. It’s a good idea though, as long it won’t cost me a fortune to do that. Four years ago, when I came here in the United States, I don’t have any relatives and friends here. Mike only have few friends too so we never had a chance to do this thing like sending postcards to our friends and family. It’s hard to be away from your love ones that’s why I try my best to keep communicating with them that way, they can feel my presence and even how far I am from them, I still never forgets them and I’m always be here for them. This save the date postcards is really nice, I will absolutely recommend this to some of my friends all over the world. They have great templates designs to choose from. Very unique and they offer 15% off in orders of $50 or more.

My priority...

When you have kids and your away from your family, it's hard to get out and find a job, because right now my first priority is my husband and kids. It's hard to leave them especially that Dana just turns one and I want to become a full time housewife. I will absolutely find a job if the kids are big enough. Some of my Filipina friends got their first jobs here in Grand Junction area and so far they are happy with it. Time will come that I can find a job that suits on me but right now, I will give all my time with my husband and my two wonderful kids.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Isn’t that wonderful if we can visit my family in the Philippines again this year? My mom can’t wait to see her grand children, its been almost two years before our last visit. I miss my family so bad and still we’re not sure if we can make it this year because we don’t have enough savings to buy ticket. My niece and nephews always remind me to bring ps3 as a gift (pasalubong) for them and take note! They want me to bring a lot of chocolates and toys! Hmmm well, hopefully we can save enough so that we can buy those things to them!

Photo cards

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Sending her a gift...

I just talk with my sister online and I told her that I am going to send her a gift next week. I showed her the gift that she likes and she’s happy about it. Actually I have two options on what gift I will going to send to her, either jewelry or cash. She said jewelry so I decided to give her gold necklace and earrings. When my mom came home from school, she’s the one who bring the kids to school and pick them up. She got jealous and she wants me to buy her jewelry also. I told her maybe next time if I can get my earn extra money for my blogging.

Anyhow, after I talk with my sister, she mentioned about life insurance, she seems have problem with it. She ask an advice and she wants to get a life insurance with herself in case something will happen to her. I ask her if she got a life insurance quotes and she said not yet. So maybe I will help her to get a life insurance quotes and see if she can find the one she likes.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dustin wearing the blue short

Dustin is wearing his new blue short! He seems comfortable in it. As you see here, he can't leave his games! He is busy playing his learning games. Keep it up Dustin! You are a smart little boy. Mama loves you!

Blue short...

This is the blue short I made for Dustin. I sew this few days ago. It's not quite right because it was tight in the waist side but it fits okay. I think I need to make another one to make it right. I forgot to put a quarter space in each side. This short is very easy to make and I'm having fun in it! I need to buy more fabric to make more short like this for Dustin.