Saturday, March 13, 2010

Save the date postcards

When you celebrate special occasion like wedding, family reunion, engagement party or other occasions. Did you send your guest a save the date postcards? I never think about that until my friend tell me about save the date postcards at I was thinking maybe next time I’ll do that, that way I can let my guest know in advance about the upcoming celebrations. It’s a good idea though, as long it won’t cost me a fortune to do that. Four years ago, when I came here in the United States, I don’t have any relatives and friends here. Mike only have few friends too so we never had a chance to do this thing like sending postcards to our friends and family. It’s hard to be away from your love ones that’s why I try my best to keep communicating with them that way, they can feel my presence and even how far I am from them, I still never forgets them and I’m always be here for them. This save the date postcards is really nice, I will absolutely recommend this to some of my friends all over the world. They have great templates designs to choose from. Very unique and they offer 15% off in orders of $50 or more.

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