Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sending her a gift...

I just talk with my sister online and I told her that I am going to send her a gift next week. I showed her the gift that she likes and she’s happy about it. Actually I have two options on what gift I will going to send to her, either jewelry or cash. She said jewelry so I decided to give her gold necklace and earrings. When my mom came home from school, she’s the one who bring the kids to school and pick them up. She got jealous and she wants me to buy her jewelry also. I told her maybe next time if I can get my earn extra money for my blogging.

Anyhow, after I talk with my sister, she mentioned about life insurance, she seems have problem with it. She ask an advice and she wants to get a life insurance with herself in case something will happen to her. I ask her if she got a life insurance quotes and she said not yet. So maybe I will help her to get a life insurance quotes and see if she can find the one she likes.

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