Monday, April 19, 2010


I hate having an acne. My skin is very sensitive that when I sleep late for couple of days. Acne and pimples came out right away especially when I get stressed out. Since I am not working so I don't get stress anymore unlike when I was single, I work and go to school at night that's why I have pimples and acne when I was in college. Every time I see pimples and acne in my face, I use acne treatment right away but sometimes, there are some acne treatment that doesn't work in my face. Instead of getting treated, it become worst and red. I'm glad I bumped to this website at, I am pretty much assured that acnepril is the one for me. Not only that acne can get rid of the redness, itchiness, infected pustules, persistent acne, blackheads and zits but it also gets to the root of the problem. So it can leave your skin smooth and free of acne!

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