Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sunday, when we get home from our meeting after I changed Dustin, he just fell in the carpeted floor and hit his head hard. I was shocked and worried, I help him to stand up but then he outbalanced and fell again. He was crying and says that he feel dizzy. He’s scared and I bet he’s hurting. I put him down in the bed and let him rest for a minute. My husband and I are both worried because I think he hit his head in the floor. Then yesterday Monday in the afternoon, he started not to feel well. He has fever and he exclaimed that he don’t feel good and his dizzy. He felt throwing up but nothing comes out, he is very emotional that time. He didn’t eat anything and that worries me. I called my husband and he told me that Dustin just need to relax and lay down. We think he has a brain concussion because of that fall. He started to have symptoms. I research it online and find out about this matter. I am keeping on eye on him to make it sure that he is fine. Hopefully he will get better, as what I saw now, he looks fine. He is just watching TV and resting in the couch.

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